About the Leander Trust

Leander Trust provides grants to young athletes who by reason of social or economic circumstances may otherwise be unable or unwilling to access and sustain their involvement in rowing.

Frequently, the nature and demands of training committments and schedules of competitive rowing preclude the athletes from seeking employment other than temporary or part time employment, if at all.

Over the years the Trust has supported many young athletes who have been selected for the Great Britain team and gone on to become medal winning Olympians.


Leander Trust
c/o Leander Club,
Henley on Thames


R.J.A. Fane, Chairman
C.E.S. Green
J.D. Randall
J. Turrell
E.H. Bainbridge

Secretary Treasurer: E.H. Bainbridge

2021/2022 The Leander Trust signed Report and Financial Statements